Susan Cain, “Quiet”

if you were here I’d never have a fear;
so go on, live your life,

but I miss you more than I did yesterday.

I came to an interesting little revelation today. It’s the difference between personal contentment and comparative success. Too few people understand that line. If you’re happy with your small accomplishments, you’ve got a big head. If you haven’t found major success, you ought to downplay any successes you have made, because other people have achieved that much or more already. But that’s just not true. The world can’t possibly be full of people all doing the biggest and best things. I don’t have to understate my own joy just for the sake of being humble. Sure, my band isn’t well-known and my job isn’t impressive and I’m not the best writer and I don’t have the most friends or the coolest things or the craziest experiences, but that’s totally okay. I don’t need to have those things or to be wildly successful to be happy. I am happy as it is. I enjoy my life. I enjoy my band and my friends and the things I do in my free time and I don’t even mind my job. And that’s the point people don’t understand about happiness. It isn’t about being the most accomplished person in your town or state or the world, but about embracing whatever accomplishments you have made and just enjoying the 8 or 9 decades you’re here. So go ahead and be stoked on whatever it is you’re doing. Don’t let people put you down for not being the best or the most well-known or the coolest or anything like that. The only purpose of life is to make happiness and exist in it. Just live.

late night DQ w/ sis
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